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24-hour Helpline

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Call us to schedule an appointment. Your call to our Scheduling Helpliner will initiate a meeting with a trained Patient Advocate, often the same or our next business day. During your appointment you can expect...


Upon your first visit to the center, you will be welcomed and interviewed by a Patient Advocate who will talk about options, assess your immediate and long-term needs, and provide referrals for other services if needed.

Meet with the Nurse

Meet with the nurse who will answer your medical questions and perform the pregnancy test. After the testing, the nurse will meet with you to review test results.

Confidential. Safe. Caring.


We have two top priorities. First, we want to hear from you, to understand what is happening in your life so that we can walk with you through your decision. The Lilli Women’s Center is a safe place to be heard.

Second, if you are pregnant, we want to educate you on all of your options. You will receive factual information so that you can make a well-informed decision.