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Considering Abortion? You Have Options.

Get all the facts. Make sure you're pregnant and determine how far along you may be.

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The Lilli Women's Center can provide education on abortion procedures as well as other options you may consider.

Free Pregnancy Test

If you're concerned about being pregnant and want help with your next steps, make an appointment for a FREE and confidential pregnancy test at the Lilli Women's Center.

Before making any decisions about what to do, confirm you are actually pregnant. It's possible to have a positive pregnancy test and not be pregnant. After the testing, a nurse will meet with you to review your test results.

Confidential. Safe. Caring.

We provide a secure, non-judgmental medical facility in which you can share your specific needs, trusting that everything will be held in complete confidence. Our number one goal is to provide a safe place to learn, to be heard, and to make decisions. We serve every woman, always respecting where she might be in her decision making process.