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Pregnancy Options


If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering an abortion, you may feel pressure to make a quick decision. We are here to provide you with information and support to help you make an informed decision. You are not alone.

Be Sure You're Pregnant

Before getting any type of abortion, you will need to know that you're actually pregnant with a viable (living) pregnancy and how far along you are.

Abortion Information

You deserve to know what abortion methods are used at different stages of pregnancy, what's involved in each procedure and the estimated costs. Knowing the facts will help you make an informed decision. Schedule today and receive answers to your questions.

Free Ultrasound

Statistics show that almost 30% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage. Our limited ultrasound will confirm:

  • intrauterine pregnancy
  • viability (heartbeat)
  • measurements to determine how far along you are