You may know you don’t want another abortion but feel completely overwhelmed by the decision of how to proceed with your pregnancy. 

The good news is there are options. 

Continue reading to learn more about adoption, parenting, and temporary assistance and which one is the best fit for you. 


While some women may feel that there is a stigma around adoption, it is a courageous and loving decision. 

You might be surprised to hear that modern-day adoption allows the birth mother to be involved in choosing the adoptive family and deciding how involved she wants to be in her child’s life. 

The three common types of adoption include: 

  • Open Adoption: You can choose the family you want to adopt your child and have direct contact with them. You can also decide how involved you want to be in the child’s life.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: You can still have contact with the adoptive family and child, but a professional adoption agency or third party will help manage communication and keep your identifying information confidential.
  • Closed Adoption: You won’t have contact with the child or adoptive family, and the identities of all parties are kept confidential. The court keeps adoption records sealed.


Parenting comes with great responsibility, but it also comes with great rewards. 

Maybe you want to parent but feel like it would be too difficult for you because of your finances or family situation.

While parenting is never easy, various resources exist to provide you with emotional and financial support. 

Many women’s centers and clinics can connect you with community resources like: 

  • Parenting classes 
  • Support groups 
  • Child care assistance
  • Diapers and formula 
  • Material assistance

These resources can equip you to continue pursuing your goals, such as finishing school or progressing in your career, while also providing you with a community of women to support you along the way. 

Temporary Assistance

If parenting feels impossible right now, but you know it’s something you want to do, Safe Families might be a good option for you. 

Safe Families is a nonprofit that provides a volunteer family to temporarily care for your child until you can bring them home. 

You may also consider Kinship Care, which is when a relative has temporary guardianship over your child until you are ready to parent.

We’re Here for You

Lilli Women’s Center is here to support you as you navigate your pregnancy and your options. 

We can connect you with adoption agencies or help you prepare to become a parent through parenting classes, baby necessities, and support groups, all at no cost. 

Even if you’re not sure what path is right for you, we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Contact us today to get the support you deserve.