The mental health effects of abortion are controversial because every woman will have a different post-abortion experience. An unexpected pregnancy can be a very emotional time, and making a significant decision like an abortion can make it feel even harder.

If you are currently struggling with your mental health after abortion, we can help. Read about our post-abortion support groups and contact us to get connected.

If you are contemplating abortion and its mental health effects, keep reading to learn about what we know from research.

Is Abortion Tied to Mental Health?

While many still ask and research this question, a Cambridge University Press study found that women who had undergone abortions experienced an 81% increased risk of mental health problems.

These mental health problems included: substance use, anxiety, depression, and suicidal behaviors.

This study found a tie between mental health and abortion, as ten percent of the incidence of mental health problems could be attributed to abortion.

Are There Risk Factors?

While the Cambridge study identified a tie between abortion and mental health, another study identified risk factors that could make women more likely to experience negative mental health effects after an abortion.

These risk factors include:

  • A history of prior mental illness
  • Existing maternal desires or conflicting moral beliefs
  • Feeling pressured into an abortion

If you’re considering abortion, it’s important to distance yourself from any pressure and dive deep into your inner thoughts to ensure you’re paying attention to your desires and beliefs.

Also, knowing your mental health history is so critical. If you already have a mental health condition, a significant life decision like abortion could impact it in some way. 

You are the best predictor of how you would react to an abortion procedure.

What Now? 

Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. If you’re considering your options, start with caring for your health.

Schedule an appointment at Lilli Women’s Center for pregnancy testing, an ultrasound, and support. These services will give you valuable pregnancy details to protect your health and inform your choices.

Talking about your situation with a caring team member can make a difference as you evaluate your path forward.

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